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Fixer Jay DeCima



We Help Newbie Real Estate Investors Find Cash Flow Properites Without Starting With A Boatload Of Money!

Our techniques are not a fad! Neither are they particularly sensitive to interest rates, the economy, employment or even the availability of bank loans. 

Who Is Fixer Jay?

He is a best selling real estate author, investor and instructor.  He has sold over 260,000 of his 7 self-help books.

He is the recipient of the prestigious Rohny Award, based on the life of the late, great Jim Rohn. This is a lifetime achievement and mentorship award which honors individuals that have elevated the real estate investing profession with their outstanding leadership and willingness to share their knowledge and work with others.

About thirty years ago, Jay began teaching and mentoring others his “high profit” adding value strategies and today is widely regarded as the undisputed AUTHORITY of fix-up on the national teaching circuit!


Bob and Jay Both Want To Earn $100,000 Per Year

  • Jay's Rents Are 7 Times More Than Bob's

  • Jay's Way Is Faster, Buying Fewer Properties Than Bob

  • Jay Buys Groups of Houses -

    Bob Buys One At A Time


    This Is Our Wonderful Team

    Fixer Jay DeCima

    Mentor, Best Selling Author, Investor, Instructor

    Best selling real estate author, investor, trainer

    Dan Shea

    Investor, Instructor, Mentor

    Highly successful real estate investor in Norther California

    Kathy B.

    The "glue" of KJAY Publishing 

    Manages the properties and the office operations.

    Who Is Dan Shea?

    Founder of 123 Home Rental Company & Capital City Wealth Builders REIA, Past Fixer Jay Student - Now Jay's Business Partner

    Dan's investment career took off like wildfire after he attended a Fixer Jay Seminar in the early 1990's.

    He is a highly successful real estate investor in Northern California. He has bought over 100 houses. He holds most of them for long term rentals. He now earns income around the clock - even when he is sleeping.

    He has flipped many suburban homes and even some million dollar showcases. But these flippers did not came close to the cash flow and long term profits gained investing and holding groups of simple blue collar homes.

    Dan teaches that as a "newbie" you do not need to know everything about real estate investing to begin. You will do just fine learning and doing with the help of a mentor. He brings street-wise expertise that can help you greatly.

    The Authority in Cash Flow Fixer Upper Real Estate - Best Selling Author - Investor  - Instructor

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